We help you create a more compelling, profitable, engaging local TV brand – powered by Futuri ‘s leading-edge AI solutions.


Television’s Challenge

Broadcast and cable television are under attack.
Streaming is bleeding away audiences.

There is more competition for today’s news viewers. Audiences are harder to attract and keep. Just when it appears that little can be done to slow this erosion, we discover that TV is at the beginning of new AI-enabled opportunities.

In response to these challenges, Futuri created a suite of AI-powered content, video, and sales tools designed to…

Make it easier to increase your audience and your sales, while keeping costs in check.

How We Help television

Futuri’s technology helps unlock the power of AI for TV news directors, sales managers, and digital content creators. The systems are designed to help boost your sales, deepen viewer loyalty, and enhance audio production.

Research Shows Opportunity

Research shows* that viewers want even more local content presented by local personalities. They want local TV weathercasters and meteorologists, local TV news reporters and anchors.

*Research source: SmithGeiger / Futuri national tracking survey for Futuri’s Future of Audience and Revenue: New Insights on Growth Opportunities, July 2022

Demand is high

They want to hear from local business owners and leaders. They want to get closer to the people they see on TV.

They want lots of digital content on platforms ranging from your station website to YouTube and TikTok.

The Solution

Television can capitalize on this demand – if the opportunities can be seized easily, inexpensively, and frequently.

Here’s how our products and tools will help you: